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Espresso Blend Coffee (100% Arabica), 250 gr

125,000 تومان

This blend is one of the premium and exclusive of Lemm Coffee Roasters, which is 100% made from Single-origin  Arabica coffee beans from Central America, Africa, and Asia (Colombia, Brazil, Ethiopia, and India). After roasting with medium to dark degrees and using a masterful blend, This bean has been introduced to achieve a special aroma and taste, which is called espresso blend coffee.

The features of this coffee can be mentioned as follows: 

The flavor in a pure cup without milk: Flavors like roasted almonds and hazelnuts, vanilla and sweets / black plum pickle and dark chocolate 60%

The flavor with milk:  Rich flavors like caramel, cocoa, and hazelnuts; Very suitable for preparing classic cappuccino and latte in Italian style and for those who are interested in the taste of roasted coffee and the nostalgia of cafés in northern Italy.

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