-How can I purchase my product?

Enter the card and select the checkout option after selecting your desired product.
You are directed to the more information page after selecting the checkout option.

Step 1:
If you are already our user, you can sign in with your user name and password.
If you wish to create an account, you can do so in the “sign-in/registration” section.

Step 2:
In this section, you should enter the address to which the product must be sent.

Step 3: 
Determine the shipping method. You can choose the “bike delivery shipping” option if you are currently living in Tehran, otherwise, select the “post shipping” option.
Step 4:
And the final step is the online payment for which you will be transferred to the bank page and your order will be registered in the Lemm shop after the successful payment.
Additionally, you will receive an SMS regarding the order confirmation.

Normal shipping for Tehran (advanced freight)
If you register your order before 1:00 PM, the product will be sent on the same day with the advanced freight of 15 thousand tomans for all 22 districts of Tehran.
If this process is completed after 1:00 PM, then the shipping will be postponed to the next day with the same shipping cost.
Immediate shipping for Tehran (carriage forward, cash on delivery):
If you register your order after 1:00 PM and still you want the product to be delivered on the same day or at certain hours of the day, then you can select this option. Please note that the shipping cost will be paid to the courier and Lemm Coffee is not liable for the shipping cost at all.
Shipping to cities other than Tehran (advanced freight):
The products are shipped to these cities within 24 hours after order registration. The advanced freight is calculated based on the shipment weight: 22000 tomans for less than or equal to 1 kg and 25000 tomans for more than 1 kg.
The customer of all cities will be eligible for free shipping if the total purchase value is higher than 600 thousand tomans. Lemm Coffee shop cannot deliver the goods on Thursdays and Fridays as well as on special holidays or occasions.

Shipping methods​​​​​​​

Shipping and purchase conditions​​​​​​​


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